We are often asked; why did you come here? Why Saalbach?

Well, if you are sitting comfortably the story shall begin…

In the Autumn of 2002 we were both made redundant from our respective jobs and the journey which eventually led to Saalbach began. This unfortunate event provided us with the opportunity to travel and after 18 months spent travelling to some of the most wonderful spots in the world, including South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, a deep-rooted love of the mountains and outdoor life was born.

Once back in the UK and we thought it would be time to resume our careers. However, events took a different course and during a visit to Sarah’s parents, Megan (Sarah’s mum) showed us a little pension for sale in a ski resort called Saalbach and suggested we go and run something like that.

A seed had been sewn, and after a few days of laughing at the idea the dream of living abroad permanently started to take shape.

We visited Saalbach and Enzian for the first time in April 2004 and we purchased Enzian 6 weeks after our first visit. It was only then that we really started to see the size of the task ahead. Speaking no German and no experience… What had we done!

We arrived in Saalbach on the 28th July 2004 with the same 2 backpacks from travelling and a door key. The real adventure was about to start.

Our first six months was dedicated to opening for Christmas and making Enzian fit for business. There were many visits from friends armed with paint brushes and cleaning cloths but we made it and after much hard work (and a couple of beers) we finally opened for our first guests on the 19th December 2004 (16 hours earlier we were still hanging curtains).

We greeted our first guests with the same warm welcome we do today and Enzian was open for business. But not for the first time was Enzian the place to be. Back in the 1970`s and 80`s Enzian, with Rupert “Rup” Gassner and his accordion at the helm, Enzian had quite the reputation.

Enzian and us have continued to develop over the ensuing years, and in 2006 we received our first Tripadvisor review. At the time we didn’t even know what Tripadvisor was. Thankfully the review was kind and they continued to be so, culminating us being awarded the title of “Best budget hotel in Austria in 2008”.  This year we are very proud to be awarded “Hall of fame” status by Tripadvisor for being awarded a certificate of excellence for 5 years running.

Our love of the mountains and this place we call home has never dwindled, whether tearing up the trails on the bikes or floating in untouched powder the smile which the mountains bring never fades.

Let the mountains put a smile on your face and allow us to welcome you personally into our home and share with you our special place in Austria.

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